Sep 26, 2013

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

There are two methods for giving shape to the eyebrows . Below eyebrow shaping video tutorial is given . That will be useful for you regarding eyebrow shaping . .
Follow as well these video guidelines that will great beneficial for you
Plucking  Techniques :-
  • In plucking technique, the undesired hair of the eyebrows are pulled out by using pluckier. It is an easy approach. You can do it yourself. There will be no problems when a deft hand does it. It is also named a tweezer.
  • Clean up the eyebrows by using cleansing milk first of all. The pores will open this way as well as it will be easy to pull them. At this point put some warm water on them in order that the skin softens there. Now provide it a shape in accordance with your face by applying cream on it. Wash tweezer with hot water. Hold the skin of the eyebrows with fingers and also start plucking hair one after the other. There can be infection for the first lime, apply ice cold water or maybe astringent there, it will be O. K.

 Threading  Techniques And Tips 

Threading is yet another technique for giving shape to the eyebrows however a difficult one. In this approach shape is given to the eyebrows by using white foundation or maybe cream and undesired hair are pulled with a thread.

Things Required: -

Coats thread No, talcum powder, tweezer and also one eyebrow pencil.

Techniques: -

  • Take a meter of thread and also hold one end with the teeth, alternative end is to be held with two fingers of left hand, pull the thread with the proper one. Make a loop of three to four niches at the right, make it four to five turns, spread fingers and also move it to right and put the thread on the hair and pull.
  • Threading need to be done only dry skin; else oiliness will not let the thread hold the hair. Apply astringent and also cold cream later, in order to stop swelling.
  • However you can’t do it yourself. In case you want, put a knot and 5-6 twists on the thread. Move the other hand to pull.
  • A beautician can do it much better.
Eyebrow Shaping Pencil
  • It is a capped pencil available in black as well as brown. You have previously given a ideal shape to the eyebrows, matching your face. And now comes the turn of the eyebrow pencil in order to make them dark. Make a sharp tip on the pencil; it will give you desirable results. Always use two pencils in order to give eyebrows a natural shape, one golden brown and also light brown or else light brown and dark brown. Apply dark one first and then the light one.
  • Move eyebrow pencil at one time and also apply a little powder, and again move pencil. Move the pencil gently in order that the lines made look like soft hair.


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